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Medical Facilities in Brandon

Andrews Foot Clinic
504 22nd St
Brandon, MB R7B 1S3

Local: (204) 726-3494
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Brandon Clinic Medical Corporation
620 Dennis St
Brandon, MB R7A 5E7

Local: (204) 728-4440
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Brandon Clinic West
2835 Victoria Ave
Brandon, MB R7B 0N3

Local: (204) 727-0900
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150 Mctavish Ave E
Brandon, MB R7A 2B3

Local: (204) 726-1122
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Brandon Massage Therapy Clinic
1847 Queens Ave Suite 2
Brandon, MB R7A 2X5

Local: (204) 727-8170
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Brandon Regional Health Centre
150 Mctavish Ave E
Brandon, MB R7A 2B3

Local: (204) 578-4000
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723 Rosser Ave
Brandon, MB R7A 0K8

Local: (204) 727-0478
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Clement X-Ray Services
339 Princess Ave
Brandon, MB R7A 0N7

Local: (204) 727-0757
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Dynamic Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic
Suite 2-1100 Richmond Ave
Brandon, MB R7A 1M6

Local: (204) 725-2098
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Focus Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic
759 1st St Suite H
Brandon, MB R7A 2X5

Local: (204) 728-1212
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Kelleher Cosmetic & Vein Treatment Clinic339 Princess Ave, Brandon, MB, R7A 0N7(204) 727-1920
Natural Wellness Clinic131-18th St, Brandon, MB, R7A 5A5(204) 729-9231
Newmount Medical (Walk-In) ClinicSuite B-624 18th St, Brandon, MB, R7A 5B5(204) 726-0773
Parkwood Treatment Centre510 Frederick Street, Brandon, MB, R7A 6Z4(204) 729-3838
Rhema Clinic1439 1st St, Brandon, MB, R7A 2Y7(204) 728-3600
Rose Farag Medical Clinic5-1100 Richmond Ave, Brandon, MB, R7A 1M6(204) 728-2020
Rotary Villas1545 26th St., Brandon, MB, R7A 2C7(204) 725-1340
Simple Solutions Laser & Skin Care Clinic343 18th St, Brandon, MB, R7A 5A8(204) 727-5565
SOKAL MANOR30 13th St N, Brandon, MB, R7A 6T1(204) 725-0629
SOKOL MANOR INC SUPPORTIVE30 13th St N, Brandon, MB, R7A 6T1(204) 726-5873
Teen Challenge BrandonBox 24 RR 3 Site 325, Brandon, MB, R7A 5Y3(204) 729-0870
The Victoria Landing Retirement Residence10 Victoria Avenue East, Brandon, MB, R7A 1Y8(204) 571-6000
Trinity Medical Clinic335 18th Street, Brandon, MB, R7A 5A8(204) 728-4141
U Weight Loss Clinic2412 B Victoria Ave, Brandon, MB, R7A 6Y9(204) 726-4199
West-Fit Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic20-1015 26th St, Brandon, MB, R7B 2B9(204) 727-4753
Western Medical Clinic Medical Corporation144 6th St, Brandon, MB, R7A 3N2(204) 727-6451
Westman Acupuncture Medical Clinic624 B 18th Street, Brandon, MB, R7A 5B4(204) 761-5038
Westman Hospice435 Rosser Ave Unit M, Brandon, MB, R7A 6S2(204) 725-1227
WESTMAN LION'S MANOR INC35 Victoria Ave E, Brandon, MB, R7A 1Y7(204) 727-4911
Wheat City Medical ClinicC1, 1711 Kirkcaldy Drive, Brandon, MB, R7A 0B9(204) 727-1711
Ye Chinese Traditional Medicine Clinic628 Lorne Ave, Brandon, MB, R7A 0T3(204) 727-1845